Posted by : Unknown Thursday, August 14, 2014

IGNOU 2014 term end exam results are now out, which were held in June 2014. You can easily check your result in the link given below. 

Check IGNOU June 2014 Tern End Exam Online

June 2014 IGNOU Tern End Exam Result - Click Here

You may also check complete Grade Card, so you can get the results of your Assignment marks as well. 

June 2014 IGNOU Grade Card for Assignment Marks- Click Here

Hope, the link above helps you get your result. In case, you find Incomplete or No result found, Please wait for a few days, As IGNOU  is still under the process of uploading the result. Congratulations, for all those who have passed and to all those who were not able to make it this time, You may prepare for the exams going to help in December 2014.

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