Saturday, November 8, 2014

IGNOU Application Form for Correction of Name and Address Change

IGNOU is a large university and many time we face mistakes by IGNOU officials or sometimes, we make mistakes in our Admission Forms, in that case we need to make a correction in IGNOU Database so our Degree and other details can match for other official work.

You can easily Change your Address or make any correction in your Name and Address in IGNOU. 

How To Change Address in IGNOU/How to Correct Name Details

This Form works for 
If IGNOU showing your name spelling worng.
If IGNOU showing your worng or incorrect Address
If you want to update new Address of yours.

This form will not work if you want to change your name, it works only for correction or any other mistakes. 

Sunday, October 26, 2014

IGNOU ID Card Lost How to Get Duplicate ID Card of IGNOU

If your IGNOU ID card has been lost or stolen, then you can get your new identity card by submitting a simple form.
IGNOU ID card is important and you need it in every phase of your course journey. and its compulsory in examinations and practical classes. So if you don't have your IGNOU identity card then you can't attend the examinations and Classes.

Request a Duplicate IGNOU ID Card

Things You Need to get a Duplicate IGNOU ID Card
  1. Written Application from Police Station
  2. Demand Draft of 20Rs (Confirm the charges from Regional Center, It may Change)
  3. Fill the Form.
  4. Done!
You need to write a small application to your nearest police station, Just ask them that you need this application for Duplicate IGNOU ID card, and they will sign and mark their stamp on your application and make 2 copies of your application and take one copy to your regional center with the demand draft of 20rs and fill this form.

Monday, September 22, 2014

IGNOU Date Sheet December 2014 Term End Exams

IGNOU Term End Exams happens twice in a year, if you have joined IGNOU for any course in July Session then you have to prepare for the exam in December, and same if you are continuing your course from IGNOU.
Date sheet of All Courses with All semester is Out.
IGNOU Term end Exam Date Sheet is available on IGNOU Website, You can use these direct links to download the PDF of IGNOU Term End Date sheet.

Download IGNOU Term End 2014 Date Sheet

  1. Click here for Master Degree Programme (MCA, MBA, M.COM)
  2. Click here for Bachelor Degree Programme (BCA, B.COM) 
  3. Click here for Diploma & Advance Diploma Programme
  4. Click here for Certificate Programme
Stay with us For IGNOU 2015 Result updates, We will update each and every info regarding Feb 2015 IGNOU Result news. 
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Sunday, September 14, 2014

IGNOU MCA 1st Semester Solved Assignment 2014-2015

Download Free First Semester Solved Assignments of MCA, These solved assignments are collected from various source, we are just trying to help IGNOU Students. If you have any solved assignments then you can contact us we will share with our readers and IGNOU MCA Students.
You can download the PDF Files from the links mention below the Course Title with Course code.

Download Free Solved Assignments of MCA 1st Semester July-January Session

IGNOU MCA First Semester Solved Assignments 2014-15

Problem Solving and Programming

Computer Organization and Assembly Language Programming
MCS-012 Solved Assignments 2014-2015

Discrete Mathematics

Systems Analysis and Design

Communication Skills
MCS-015 Solved Assignments 2014-2015

Internet Concepts and Web Design

C and Assembly Language Programming Lab

You can contribute and share assignments just use the contact form to contact us for assignment details.

Other MCA Solved Assignments Link

IGNOU MCA 5th Semester Solved Assignment 2014-2015

You can download the IGNOU MCA Fifth Semester Solved Assignments from the Below links, These Solved Assignments are free and you can download and use it for your Assignment Submission. You Already know the guidelines of Assignments submissions so make them as your study center requirements, You can download MCA Assignments of Other semesters also. You can use the Search option of the website to check availability of the Free Solved MCA Assignments.
These Assignments are valid for July 2014 Session and January 2015 Session of IGNOU MCA 5th Semester Courses.

Download Free Solved Assignments of MCA 5th Semester July-January Session

Advanced Internet Technologies
MCS-051 Solved Assignments 2014-2015

Principles of Management and Information Systems

Course Title : Computer Graphics and Multimedia

Parallel Computing

Course Title : Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge

Numerical and Statistical Computing
MCSE-004 Solved Assignments 2014-2015

You can contribute and share assignments just use the contact form to contact us for assignment details.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Download IGNOU MCA Assignments July and January Year 2014-2015

IGNOU MCA Assignments Questions 

Download IGNOU MCA Assignment Questions from the IGNOU Website, Links are given below you can download these assignments, For Solved Assignments you can contact us, we have some free and Paid Assignments for IGNOU Students.

These Assignment is for July 2014 and January 2015 Session, You can Download these assignments and if you have some free solution, then you can share with us. so we can share with other IGNOU MCA Students, we will update Assignments Details regularly on our Facebook Fan page.

Last Date of Submission :

For July 2013 Session Last Date of Assignments Submission is 15th October 2014
For January 2014 Session Last Date of Assignments Submission is 15th April 2015

You need to Submit Assignments of these Courses as per your Semesters!

Course Code
Title of the Course
Problem Solving and Programming
Computer Organization and Assembly Language Programming
Discrete Mathematics
Systems Analysis and Design
Communication Skills
Internet Concepts and Web Design
C and Assembly Language Programming Lab
Data and File Structures and Programming
Operating System Concepts and Networking Management
Introduction to Database Management Systems
Object Oriented Technologies and Java Programming
Lab (based on MCS-021, 022, 023 and 024)
Design and Analysis of Algorithms
Object Oriented Analysis and Design
Advanced Discrete Mathematics
Software Engineering
Accountancy and Financial Management
Lab (based on MCS-032, 034 and 035)
Operating Systems
Data Communication and Computer Networks
Advanced Database Mathematics Management Systems
Mini Project
Lab (UNIX and Oracle)
Advanced Internet Technologies
Principles of Management and Information systems
Computer Graphics and Multimedia
Lab (based on MCS-051 and 053)
Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Management
Numerical and Statistical Computing
Parallel Computing

IGNOU MCA Assignments Download Links 2014-2015

Thursday, August 14, 2014

IGNOU June 2014 Tern End Exam Result Out Now!

IGNOU 2014 term end exam results are now out, which were held in June 2014. You can easily check your result in the link given below. 

Check IGNOU June 2014 Tern End Exam Online

June 2014 IGNOU Tern End Exam Result - Click Here

You may also check complete Grade Card, so you can get the results of your Assignment marks as well. 

June 2014 IGNOU Grade Card for Assignment Marks- Click Here

Hope, the link above helps you get your result. In case, you find Incomplete or No result found, Please wait for a few days, As IGNOU  is still under the process of uploading the result. Congratulations, for all those who have passed and to all those who were not able to make it this time, You may prepare for the exams going to help in December 2014.